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Training The Agents

An Article by CEO of Fresh Ideas
Source: Propertyl Weekly November 12, 2014
Author: Lee Levy

Very few real estate agencies invest in continued training programs. This has to change

Lee Levy is a success skills coach who has trained more than 700 real estate agents in Dubai in the past few years. As CEO of The Fresh Ideas Company, he has also conducted management training, marketing, advertising and motivational workshops for more than 40 agencies in the UAE.

The Art of Business

It is easy enough to simply say you wish to own your own company based on your experiences and expertise. Having the required Investment, setting up and trading often requires the services of Business Management. Conceptualizing this often seem easier and simpler than what it really is and more often than not, Companies take the most crucial aspect of their business for granted - Your Staff & The Marketing of your products or services.

The Phenomenal Fresh Ideas Team is your Strategic Success Partner of choice.

Assessment Research

Growth and Value are two things sought by all business-to-business companies.

Steady Growth is necessary as its the only way forward; staying still is not an option as others will pass you by, while decline is a sure movement towards extinction. Value enables you to achieve higher contributions from your sales and more returns from your resources.

Strong Growth and value can be found in any of four areas. Market assessment research can review your existing markets from where you may be able to sell more to current customers. Market research can help you look further afield and sell your existing products to some new market or find a new product to offer your existing customers. Furthest away from your current business is the launch of a new product into a new market, and this is where market research is essential.

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