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Training The Agents

An Article by CEO of Fresh Ideas
Source: Propertyl Weekly November 12, 2014
Author: Lee Levy

Very few real estate agencies invest in continued training programs. This has to change

Lee Levy is a success skills coach who has trained more than 700 real estate agents in Dubai in the past few years. As CEO of The Fresh Ideas Company, he has also conducted management training, marketing, advertising and motivational workshops for more than 40 agencies in the UAE.

The Art of Business

It is easy enough to simply say you wish to own your own company based on your experiences and expertise. Having the required Investment, setting up and trading often requires the services of Business Management. Conceptualizing this often seem easier and simpler than what it really is and more often than not, Companies take the most crucial aspect of their business for granted - Your Staff & The Marketing of your products or services.

The Phenomenal Fresh Ideas Team is your Strategic Success Partner of choice.

Services We Offer

Our Fresh Ideas have been structured to provide clients with a complete range of Services, which would add value to the management of an Organisation. These services are provided through a dedicated team of professionals with varied industry experience and backgrounds, in order to customize and deliver organization specific solutions to our customers, with an objective of providing a 'ONE-STOP solution' for guiding our customers towards managing their businesses better.

1 - Accounting Services

We are a Professional, Prompt and Courteous Accounting Services offering a variety of services to individuals, small businesses, non-profits and healthcare professionals. We pride ourselves on fulfilling immediate and growing financial needs and ensure our clients receive excellent, quality services.

Our highly experienced professionals are sure to deliver outstanding results and our track record of complete customer satisfaction speaks for itself. This allows you to rest easy knowing your business needs are met in a timely fashion.

1.1 - Audit and Assurance

Within our dynamic team, we have robust audit tools, resources and procedures to provide the means for our professionals to deliver high-quality audit services. In delivering these services we adhere to the highest standards of independence, professional objectivity and technical excellence.

Our international audit approach is applied consistently around the world, while providing the flexibility to serve the unique circumstances and complexities of our clients.

Our audit approach focuses on understanding the clients’ global business and control issues from the inside out. It combines a rigorous risk assessment, diagnostic processes, audit testing procedures as well as a continuous assessment of our clients’ service performance.

2 - Business Consulting

The dynamic Team of Fresh Ideas team of experienced professionals provides the innovation and energy so that your company and you can focus on its core competencies and leave the sales and marketing to The Fresh Ideas Dynamic Team. Our main focus is to fulfill the needs of our clients and their employees. .

2.1 - Human Resource Consulting

Human Resource Consultants are responsible for assisting clients with strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations.

Their role is also to maximize the client's performance related to human resources by introducing or marketing "best practice" products or services as well as to provide periodic feedback to clients regarding their performance related to annual management objectives.

To accomplish this, the HR Consultant may need to perform needs assessments or audits and make recommendations or proposals, coordinate the creation and implementation of an action or corrective plan, and when required, organize and coordinate cross-functional Human Resource teams to assist the client with developing and implementing performance improvement corrective plans, programs or processes.

2.2 - Web Consulting

2.2.1 - Website Design

We design eye-catching websites that provide a platform where you can sexpress your business, and promote your brand awareness. Our services are flexible to suit the need of various clients.

2.2.2 - Content Management System

Our CMS is packed with powerful tools and features to allow you to effortlessly manage your website through any internet-connected web browser.

2.2.3 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is an essential element in the development of a new or existing website. We ensure that all our clients benefit from our SEO experience.

2.2.4 - Web Hosting

We ensure every website we develop is deployed properly and securely on our web hosting platform, and can work with companies large and small to ensure their hosting needs are met.

2.2.5 - e-Commerce

Our e-commerce systems give an easy, fast and secure way for your business to start selling products and accepting payments.

2.2.6 - Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance We understand that your website is an important part of your company's marketing, and we offer website maintenace to ensure your website is up and running smoothly.

2.3 - Financial Advisory

Financial services are the economic services provided by the finance industry, which encompasses a broad range of organizations that manage money, including credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, consumer finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds and some government sponsored enterprises.

We perform a Consulting Financial Service to inform and record just figures, results of requested investments by clients and with our dynamic team, monitor and advise clients on huge Return on Investments options.

2.4 - Company Formation

Company Formation processes in Dubai and greater GCC (Middle Eastern Countries) is of the easiest processes when you understand the Laws of the Land.

Many Investors arrive and oblivious of what is required, contract a company with the hugest adverts and soon discover their funds are drained away and so is their time.

At Fresh Ideas, we take you with us on the process so you can enjoy yourself whilst being in control of your cash and witness the registration of your company taking shape.

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